IIS Logs

IIS logs can be run as a stand alone program, or as a windows service. This is a log management program that is used to help manage log files that are created by Internet Information Server. Each log file can be manipulated to achieve the desired results for the final outcome. Other features of the program help administrators to be able to perform log analysis on critical components, including the syslog file. IIS Logs is available as an evaluation version, and of course as a complete version, as well.

IIS Logs

IIS Logs

The IIS Logs program is used to manage the logs that are created by the Internet Information Server. However, this program is also able to manage logs from other third party software. Different configurations are available which can allow the administrator to make decisions between more detailed logs and preserving critical disk space.

The IIS Logs program will consider files that are one hour old or older. This program can be used to zip or delete the backup files. It can also be used to work with one directory or multiple directories, based on the settings that are configured, by the user. It does need the .NET Framework to function. Notifications are also configurable. The administrator can choose whether to receive a daily email through the configurations.

It is recommended that the potential user of IIS Logs use the evaluation version, first. By doing this, the potential user can get a feel for the product without the expense of purchasing the product, initially. After becoming familiar with the product, the user can then make an informed decision about whether the product is right for them.

In the new world of technology, most of a business’ critical information may be found on their computer system. This creates the need for reliable ways to manage log files. IIS Logs can run as a stand alone program or a Windows service. It can be used as a reliable way to handle critical log files.

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